Big Sur (I-phone 7)

Recently I’ve been leaving my DSLR at home, and just taking my convenient little iPhone with me. It’s so refreshing to be able to spend the day with people, without carrying heavy equipment and still getting to capture all the beautiful scenery we pass by!

Being in Big Sur made me so excited for planning my trip to Ireland. Lush green lands have always been my weakness. Driving in our car, I felt like I was a fashion photographer again, constantly whizzing up ideas with all the dramatic landscape around us. I can never believe how breathtaking California is, and how lucky people are to live in a canvas like this!

Pigeon Point lighthouse was my most favorite part of the trip. The entire place was abandoned, with a spiral staircase that led all the way to the top. The paint was chipping away, and there were camp bunkhouses that filled me with so much nostalgia. I really hope to make it back here one day. Big Sur has whole-heartedly and irrevocably captured my heart.