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Wedding days

Laughing with your friends. Pre-wedding jitters. The first time he sees you. First moments together as wife and husband. The kiss. The embrace. The tears. The little moments. The big moments. All the in-between moments.

Engagement galleries

Running down the streets in the city. Admiring art in a museum. Dancing in the evening. Twirling around at the theater. Exploring a new part of town together. First adventures together. Anything artistic. Anything authentic.

Lifestyle sessions

Sweet memories of your baby's first day alive. Her play-date at the park. Your baby and his birthday cake. Her first bubble bath. Siblings meeting each other for the first time. Family day in the city. An ordinary day with your cherished ones.


I N S P I R A T I O N 

Photo by Michelle Scott

Photo by Michelle Scott

It all started when...

My work was influenced by my experiences in Europe as a child. I remember wandering the streets and knowing my work as an artist would always be taken by my time there. Ever since then, I’ve been completely inspired by past eras, vintage tones, and all kinds of architecture. Mixing natural moments, history, and you and your significant other’s memories to create powerful images is one of my biggest passions in life!
Real art to me, is being able to capture the relationship between you and your loved ones for generations to come. Any loving and powerful relationship is worth capturing to me :).