Will & Cassie

This past spring, I drove up to the most elegant and breathtaking victorian mansion located in Fairmount, Georgia! I met the beautiful bride in her suite, and we began getting ready for the day!    It was sweltering outside, but we were so excited for the special day, we barely noticed. Cassie walked down the aisle with lush greenery, and sprinkled herbs from her flower girls all around her. But just as soon as the two were officially about to tie the knot, it began down-pouring, and we had to run inside the old mill for cover!

The two laughed it off, and soon enough we began the ceremony once again :)! One thing I absolutely loved about Cassie and Will, was their ultimate love for photography, and their huge passion for it on their wedding day! We snuck away whenever we could, and snapped plenty of pictures for them to remember for the rest of their life! It was an absolutely perfectly imperfect day, and I'm so glad I got to shoot a dream couple <3!



Venue:  Yarborough Mill