Mitchell & Kaitlyn (Partridge Inn)

How do I describe Kaitlyn and Mitchell's wedding weekend? It was completely  FANTASTIC!! My 2nd shooter and I got to travel to such a remarkably historical area, and got to our adorable antiqued Airbnb Thursday evening. As soon as we laid eyes on the Old Medical College, we were instantly in love. We swooned at the palm trees surrounding the venue, and the neighboring castle-like architectures around the venue. 

My 2nd shooter and I explored downtown Augusta and gaped at the breathtaking abandoned buildings around the area. The next morning we got up to have a delicious breakfast with another friend and then we finally got to see Kaitlyn!!

I met Kaitlyn 5 months ago, and we immediately hit it off!! Kaitlyn is one of those breaths of fresh air with the absolute kindest heart. She is a musical voice teacher (she really does have a beautiful voice!!), and Mitchell is in a band! The excitement I had, to work with other artists was completely unbound! 

We met both of them at The Partridge Inn , one of the oldest buildings in Georgia (built in the 1820's!!) and I reveled at being able to mix different parts of history into their wedding day. 

Kaitlyn and Mitchell decided to write each other letters before the wedding, and getting to capture each of their special moments, was so unreal. It was honestly such an honor getting to know such a warm couple, and I think we'll all be swooning over the wedding day for years to come!