The Juarez's (Atlanta Family Photography)

This past Sunday was simply amazing. I met up with my make up artist, Emily, and her family bright and early in the morning. I was greeted by a smiley 2 year old. It's always such a sweet surprise every time I see little Vivian, since I took pictures of her at only a couple weeks old, and she grows so much every time I see her! 

Emily's husband, Leo, just started working at Coca-Cola about a week ago, so we made sure to capture this milestone for their family at a local coffee shop.  Afterwards we walked around the market, and I was able to document their beautiful relationship with each other. After the market, we sprawled out on a picnic blanket, and Vivian ate her first donuts ever in the park. It's the little moments like these that I love to capture. They always become nostalgic memories that we treasure forever <3.