Calvin (Chicago family & baby photographer)

The sweetest, and most LOVING parents, with the happiest little 1 month old baby :)

Little Calvin at 2 months <3

Calvin, at 6 months, now has blonde hair, as opposed to his chestnut brown hair at 1 month!! What a treasure getting to capture this precious boy’s baby-hood. One thing that hasn’t changed is his infectious smile (still the happiest baby I have ever known).

We all met up at Lincoln Park boardwalk, one of my favorite places in the world to run, leisure, and of course to snap pics :) We only had a couple moments before the cutie’s nap time, but of course he put the biggest grin on for us as soon as we pulled the camera out. Calvin is seriously a future baby model. This family is absolutely one of my most favorite families to capture. Always a breeze and always the best time!